BrownHouse Photography–Capturing beauty in ordinary & extraordinary moments

My name is Melissa Brown.  I love having a camera in my hand for those special occasions like when the groom first sets eyes on his bride on their wedding day, but also for those ordinary moments where daddies are making their children laugh until their nose crinkles.  I want your photo sessions to feel relaxed and fun and for us to end up with some incredible shots that are you at your best.  I will come to your house or we can meet at another location.

So what’s my training?  Well…Photography has always been a hobby of mine, with a love for photography definitely passed down from my Dad.  With my tax refund from my first “real job”, I bought a Canon SLR camera and took a photography class.  I loved capturing memories for myself, friends and family.  Before long, friends and family members were asking me to photograph their special days like weddings and birthdays.  I loved it.  I had a roommate come along about this time who had just completed photography school.  She hired and trained me to assist her at weddings.  Later, I married a pretty great man who happens to be an amazing photographer himself.  So the photography thing, well, it’s just evolved.  And here I am.My Family


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8 12 2009
Anna Light

Thanks for leaving a comment on my post. Love your family tradition! I didn’t know you did photography! You’re really good. Hope all is well with you and your family!–Anna

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